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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Roman Art  Greek art was used as a model for Roman literature, art, buildings etc.  There was influence of Etruscan Art in the buildings of Rome  The Temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill was influenced by the layout of a typical Etruscan temple, and an Etruscan artist decorated the temple and made the sculptures inside the temple  Templum space marked out by the augur for auspicies; consecrated ground, especially a sanctuary  Aedes a building, in sing. Usually a temple; plural, rooms or house  Roman temples were on high podiums, unlike Greek temples which had platforms  272 BCE capture of Tarentum  212 BCE capture of Syracuse  209 BCE sack of Tarentum  188 BCE defeat of Aetolians  167 BCE defeat of Macedonians  146 BCE sack of Corinth nd  Until the second half of the 2 century BC, Romans didn’t use marble, they used local stones  The first temple made completely of marble was the temple of Jupiter Stator  Neo-Attic Workshops nd st o Mid 2 century BCE- 1 century AD o Model are the sculptures in the round and the reliefs of the Classical period (5 and 4 century BCE  Sculptures in the round
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