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February 7, 2013- Roman Empire.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

 For a Roman the right behaviours were very important, which is why people like Cicero did what they were suppose to do and let everyone know what he had done  In a letter to his brother, Cicero stresses the aspect that actions that are honourable appear godlike when imperium is so great there is a temptation to corruption  A new period started in 27 BCE-180 AD which was called Pax Romana (Roman Peace) state of order, regularity and harmony o Started with Augustus and ended with Marcus Aurelius o This period was very important for Rome as order, regularity and stability was important for trade and it made safe travelling possible, so there was an exchange of knowledge and culture o The empire protected the stability of the provinces  The Romans asked the subjects of their provinces was to accept the Roman taxation and their military control o They allowed the people to keep their culture, religion and customs  Mos Maiorum the way the elders behaved o There was no written constitution in ancient Rome, so the decisions the magistrates made and the laws that were proposed were drawn from the ancestors  It was considered important to be virtuous, to have feelings of piety and follow rules  Maiores ancestors  Cato the Elder (Marcus Porcius Cato) Homo novus o Consul 195 BCE o Censor 184 BCE o Known also as Cato the Censor  When he was a censor he had to take care of the morals of the people, and he was extremely concerned about the fact Romans began to use and appreciate Greek customs too much  Philosophy was a Greek phenomenon imported into Rome  He was harsh in contrasting these cultures  Even when Augustus was not a censor, he still oversaw the morals of the Romans and set laws on how they should behave  There is a personification of Augustus as the most important religion figure in Rome (chief priest) Equites and Freedman  Under Augustus there were the first cases of people other than senators occupying official positions in the provinces  The Senate was the body which chose the governors of the provinces, and the Senate used to chose from their ranks  The senators believed the most important magistracies of the state and the rule of the provinces had to belong to them  Augustus wanted to put an end to the rivalries which were present during the end of the Republican period and wanted to have very loyal administrators o Equites started their careers as military commanders, and while moving around they got to know a lot of magistracies and saw how different offices were suppose to be run  Praefectus annonae in charge of the corn supply o Had to avoid a famine and ensured everyone had adequate am
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