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April 2, 2013- The Four Pomeian Styles.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

The Four Pompeian Styles  The first, or Incrustation, style: o The wall is painted (and moulded in stucco) to imitate masonry blocks, no figured scenes. o 2 century BCE o An example of the First Style is the Samnite House in the late 2nd century  The second, or Architectural, style: o Characteristically featuring illusionistic architectural vistas o An example of the Second Style is the Tripod Room in the Poppaea’s Villa in Oplontis  Another case is the Villa of Publius Fannius Synistor, near Pompeii  The third, or Ornate, style: o The vistas here give way to a delicate decorative scheme, concentrating on formal ornament o An example of the third style would be the House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto in Pompeii  The fourth, or Intricate, style: o A more extravagant painterly style, parading the whole range of decorative idioms o An example of the Fourth Style is the House of Vettii in Pompeii  Art was frequently propaganda o Propagare to spread, to propagate o Used to spread important political arguments and ideas, as well as to support the emperors of Rome  The Monument of Aemilius Paullus at Delphi refers to the defeat of Macedonians at the Battle of Pydna in 168 BCE  Propaganda could be seen atbthe Altar of Domitius Alhenobarbus, which shows a marine procession and the sensus ceremony o It is a combination of two different styles o The one of the census is very descriptive, the procession one is inspired by Greek art  The Julio-Claudian dynasty (27 BCE-68
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