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January 8, 2013- The Greek Background.docx

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Christina Zaccagnino

 The first village was on the Palatine hill  The first inhabitants were not the best warriors The Greek Background  They wanted to make their past more noble by including a Greek background  Herakles= Hercules  He was worshipped at the Great Altar (Ara Maxima) in Rome  The cult founded by Evander and the Arcadians after Hercules killed the bandit Cacus, who robbed the hero of the cattle of Geryon  They needed a hero from the Greek background to connect them to the ancient Greek past  This link was made through Aeneas, a Trojan hero who fought in the war of Troy  Romans believed Trojans and Greeks were the same  Aeneas escaped the fall of Troy carrying his father Anchises on his back o He also had a son  Aeneas and Anchises are represented on many coins and pottery  Aeneas fell in love with Queen Dido during his travel, but he had to leave her to find a new place to found a city Sources for the Aeneas’ saga th  Hellanicus, historian, 5 century BCE  Naevius, poet, 3 century BCE  Ennius, poet, end of the 3 / beginning of 2 century BCE  Fabius Pictor, historian, around 200 BCE rd nd  Cato the Elder, end of the 3 /beginning of 2 century BCE  Virgil, poet, 1 century BCE  From Aeneid descended the Latin people, the elders of Alba, and the walls of lofty Rome according to Virgil  When Aeneas reaches the tomb he meets King Latinus, who decides he will marry his daughter  Aeneas fights with the indigenous inhabitants (called Aborigines) after his betrothal to Lavinia, a local princess, daughter of the King, previouslt betrothed to a local prince  Aeneas marries Lavinia  He then founded a city named Lavinium  At this time Rome did not yet exist  When Aeneas died he became a god  He left Ascanius, his son, now called Julus as his successor  Ascanius founded Alba Longa  By the 4 century BCE there was a cult in honour of Aeneas at Lavinium where priests and officials of Rome were involved  There was an ancient road from the city to the sanctuary of the cult of Aeneas  Ara Pacis was build by the rule of Augustus  Aeneas wanted to make a sacrifice of a sow, but it ran away. When he found it he realized it had just delivered 30 piglets  He decided to found hi
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