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January 7, 2013- Introduction to Rome.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

 Citizenship in Rome was a process o The individuals that were born in Rome received citizenship, as well as some people who lived in Italy  Romans conquered many places in the peninsula o Slaves were able to get citizenship  Could be made free by paying a sum of money for their freedom  It was important for an ancient civilization to be in a place that would make it easy for citizens to be able to defend themselves, have easy access to essential resources, and be a territory that makes agriculture easy o It was also important to be close to the coast o A temperate climate was considered important  Sicily and Sardinia were under the power of Romans  Romans spoke Latin; but not all of Italy spoke it, for example the Tuscans o Not a complicated language that needed deciphering  Places in Rome were very easy to defend because of their shape  There was also a river, and the first bridge was built there, which made it easier to cross the river  The first harbour of the city was also built  Salt was very important in Rome, as it was important for not only diet, but for preserving food  Archaeology shows us most of what we know about the early years of Rome, as there was no written text  Romans lived in huts  Hut-urns were very common for storing the ashes of the deceased  An ancient myth tells us that Romulus and Remus (two main characters) suckled on the Capitoline Wolf  Amulius was the king of Alba Longa, but there was another king (Numitor) who was his brother o Amulius took over the throne however, because he wanted to be the only king, so he exiled his brother o Numitor had a daughter, Rhea Silvia, who was a priest and a Vestal Virgin  She was not allowed to get married or have offspring o Amulius knew that if Rhea Silvia
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