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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Town and Country  Touring seasons: o August-October o March-April  Working seasons: o November-February o May-July  These were the times of very important crops  Sailing season o April-September  Period during which the winds made sailing more favourable  The goods that came from abroad were delivered during this time frame  Romans used to reach places where important festivals were held  During the consulship of Marius Acilius and Gaius Porcius in 114 BCE Publius Helvius was returning home to Apulia after the ludi romani o As they were passing through north Campania his daughter was seated on a horse, and was struck by lightning and killed  Cicero liked to go visit and attend important festivals o Bay of Luxury was a very pleasant place to go and enjoy yourself o His daughter Tullia died very young delivering a baby  Parilia or Palilia o Very important festival in honour of the goddess of shepherds Pales o Took place on April 21 (annually) o Animals were sacrificed and there was the ritual cleansing of the area of the temple o Celebrated on the birth day of Rome  Pliny the younger’s villa was at Laurentum o His villa was only 17 miles away from Rome so he could carry out a full day of business in the city and still
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