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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

 The victorious gladiator had the right to kill the defeated one  A gladiator would raise his index finger if he was giving up  The spectators would be asked if the defeated gladiator should be spared, or should be killed  If the spectators wanted to spare the gladiator they would press their thumb on their fist, but if they wanted them to be killed they would rock their hand with their thumb pointing down  Gladiators found in amphitheatres, with the most popular one being the Colosseum  After Nero’s death, the amphitheatre was given to the Romans  People watching the spectacles in the Colosseum were also protected from the sun  Amphitheatres were generally not located in the central areas of the cities, as riots occurred frequently between different supports  Because so many attended the events, it was considered safer to have an amphitheatre in the suburbs or close to the walls of the city  There was a famous riot between the Pompeian’s and Nucerians in 59 AD inside the amphitheatre and outside of it  The trial of the affair was delegated by the emperor to the senate, than to the consuls, and the Pompeian’s as a community were debarred from holding any similar assembly for 10 years, and the causers of the outbreak were exiled  Starvation vs. consumption of luxurious food  Cereals and bread were very important to have everyday  In some cases emperor’s would not have enough coins for food when travelling  Vitellius was moving in order to meet the army and have them proclaim emperor but he did not have enough money for the journey to Germany o He has to rent space for his family to live in as he let out his own house for the year
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