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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Augustus  Carried out the supervision of laws and morals  Held the tribunicia potestas (power of a tribune) o Power without imperium  He was against couples that were children, and for the first time under his rule adultery became a public offence  He was a patrician, as he was adopted by Caesar  He was not allowed to have any kind of magistracy that was meant for plebeians  Only after Julius Caesar imperium romanum began to mean Roman empire  Rome was based on the ideas of many men, not just one, and it was set up across many centuries and generations, not in the life-time of one man  Roman citizens assembled and voted both for elections and for passing laws  Only magistrates with imperium had the right to deal with people  Rogation asking  In Rome there were 3 assembles (in charge of elections of different magistrates): o Comitia centuriata o Comitia tribute o Concilium plebis  Until 139 BC the votes were cast aloud, but after this date there was a secret ballot Comitia Centuriata  Set up by Servius Tullius (6 century BCE)  It originated by a meeting of the army  People were divided in centuriae o Based on age and wealth  The first 18 consisted of cavalrymen, meaning the people of the first five classes of property owning in Rome  There were 193 centuriae in Rome o Each one had one vote  18 of the centuriae were cavalrymen  70 centuriae were 1 peoperty classis  104 centuriae were property classes 2-5  1 centuria proletarii o Meaning they did not have any property except for children o (Proleschildren)  Centuriae did not contain the same number of people, as they were based on age and wealth  Each of the centuriae had to reach a mutual decision
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