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January 29, 2013- The Senate.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Senate  According to the tradition this body was established by Romulus  Very important during the Republic period, but during the empire period had lower importance  Originally they were appointed by the king  Senex old man  Senators were often called patresfathers o Fathers of the city, but perhaps because they were also patricians, but it is unlikely they were just patricians  Originally they were elected every year at the start of the Republican period by a magistracy (generally a consul)  The number of senators increased during the Republican period, and there were approximately 900 during the time Caesar was in Rome, starting from 300 (1000 under Augustus)  From the end of the 4 century BCE (Lex Ovinia) membership was given by the censors o It was a lifelong membership  This caused it to be shameful to not be a part of the Senate o Everyone in the Senate once held a curule magistracy  In 81-79 BCE Sulla took away the power of the censors in order to be a senator one have had to held at least the role of a quaestor  Ancestors had made the Senate the guardian, the leader, and the defender of the state o They wanted the magistrates to respect the authority of the Senate  They assigned provinces, finances, and how many forces were allotted to each governor  Assembled only by the senior magistrate present in Rome  Senators were asked for their opinion based on their rank (ranks they held before becoming senators) o The most important were the censors  There were no meetings after nightfall  In the case there was something on the table that needed a lot of discussion, not every senator got to state his opinion  The senators who wanted to agree on the advice given they would move to the individual they agreed with o These senators were called pediarii foot soldiers  The Senate was made up of not only Roman persons, but also foreign ones, who came from other parts of the empire (for example Spain)  Senatus consultum decree of the senate (the considered opinion of the senate) o The opinion of the Senate was taken into high consideration  Each legislation had to be brought to the Senate before being considered by the people’s assemblies  Decided on both the provinces and the forces of the comman
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