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March 5, 2013- Activity of the Romans.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

 Constantine (306-337 AD), the first Roman emperor to proclaim himself a Christian o This is when the first churches in Rome appeared o The most famous church is St. Peter in the Vatican area o The first church dedicated to St. Peter is during the period of Constantine o The church was built there because that is where the burial of St. Peter was located and it is an area of Rome where there were a lot of Christians were persecuted and killed  Romans were also extremely proud of what they used to do, especially those who were involved in important boards, etc.  Ostia had a road which connected it with Rome, and it was close to the mouth of the river Tiber  Ostia had the harbour of Trajan which was in a hexagon shape  It was necessary for Rome to import not only grain, but oil  The production of oil is linked to Monte Tesaccio (The Hill of Pots) which is an artificial hill, as it was made using the amphora which was what the oil from Spain (Baetica region) came from o The pots were not easy to clean up, so the decision was made to put them in this area and use them to build the hill  Nauis codicaria barge o When the goods reached Ostia the cargo was unloaded and everything was put on a smaller boat which was called the nauis codicaria  Corn-measurer mensor o Would check the contents of a corn-measure modius  Would check the shape of the container used  There were the Porticus Aemilia and Horrea which were warehouses of Galba  The Templum Pacis was where the Forma Urbis was located (which was the plan of Rome) o It was called the Temple of Peace  The estates on the country sides were extremely important  The size of a villa was determined bythe total area of the farm, and the villa was divided into three sections: o One section resembling a city h
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