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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Romans and Jews  Jerusalem’s religious ceremonies opposed any religious that was not monotheistic, and the Jews did not want to worship the emperor, as after death, emperors were made divine  Jews were required to send a certain amount of gold to the Temple in Jerusalem  There was a Jewish revolt in 66-70 AD, which was stopped by Titus  Varro believed that Jupiter was worshipped, although called by another name, even by those who worship one God alone without any image  Superstitio superstition  Pompnia Graecina, who as the wife of a general, was believed to convert to Judaism, and was accused of foreign superstition and was handed over to her husband’s judicial decision o He heard his wife’s case and reported her innocent Philosophy and Society  During the early and middle republican period Romans frowned on Greek’s interests in philosophic speculation  161 BCE the Senate authorized the praetors to expel philosophers from Rome  By the end of the 2 century BCE Greek philosophers had won a limited audience among the members of the educated upper class  There were three philosophical schools o Epicureanism o Stoicism o Academy Epicureanism  Founded by Epicurus from Samos (341-274)  Believed that the highest good of life was pleasure (peace of mind, freedom of anxiety)  Gods had no involvement in human affairs  All things were composed of atoms or void  Believed that the earth was in the shape of a disk  The most important follower was Titud Lucretius Carus (c. 98-55 BCE) o He wrote 6 books on the Nature of the Universe Stoicism  Was founded by Zeno of Citium (335-263 BCE)  Stoics preached self-discipline, perseverance, and stead-fastness  An important follower was Panaetius from Rhodes (185-109 BC
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