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March 18, 2013- Roman Gods.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

CLST 101 March 18 , 2013 Gods and Mortals - Cicero, On the Laws (Based on Plato’s The Laws) - prominent role of religion Vestal Virgins - They were 6 chosen before the oneset of puberty - They lived for 30 years in celibacy tending the sacred fire of the round temple of Vesta in the Forum - They had the power to make a will in the lifetime of their father; they had a free administration of their own affairs without guardian or tutor, … When they go abroad they have the fasces carried before them Each year on the 5 of June: - sacrificed a pregnant heifer - burnt both mother and foetus - cleaned the temple with these ashes and other special materials th - during the day of cleansing from the sacrifice up to the Vestalia on June 15 it was ill-omened for any young woman to marry Parilia 21 April - in honour of the goddess of shepherds Pales - 45 BCE the new of Caesar’s decisive victory at Munda arrived in Rome during the festival - it was exploited in favour of Caesar the new Romulus - an extra day of games was added Bona Dea st - her festival was observed on May 1 - the cult was in the hands of the wives of the senators - no men were allowed to be present here Secular Games (Ludi Saeculares) - According their name would
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