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March 27, 2013- Literature in Rome.docx

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Queen's University
Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

 Topics used in poetry were very different, so they were not always seen as useful pieces of literature  Uates prophet, bard, poet  The poet who mixes the useful with the pleasurable (dulce) wins every vote as he manages to delight and advise the reader  A poet is a person who is inspired by divinity The Challenge of Greek Literature  Cato in Pliny the Elder, Natural History: Their race is quite worthless and untouchable, and I speak as a prophet that when it gives us its literature, it will ruin everything  Horace, Epistles: Conquered Greece took her uncultivated conqueror and invaded rustic Latium with its arts  Plautus adapted from Greek New Comedy (esp. Menander) o 20 comedies by him survived o His plays are all palliatae (plays in Greek dress)  Pallium Greek mantle o It was easier to adapt New Comedy as it was not political like Old Comedy was o In New Comedy the father of the household would be made fun of, but it was accepted by Romans because it was staged in a Greek environment, not in Rome (not the figure of the Roman head of the household)  Terence from Carthage adapted from Greek New Comedy o He was an ex-slave o He wrote 6 comedies o His masterpiece was considered the Adelphoe (The Brothers) o He showered more appreciation for moral and social aspects in his comedies  Ennius from Rudiae, Southern Italy o Brought to Rome by Cato in 204 BCE o He spoke Oscan, Greek and Latin o He fought for Rome in the second Punic War o Author of tragedies and comedies o He adapted Greek tragedies o He was also an author of Satires (Saturae) and Annals (Annales) o He claimed he was the reincarnation of Homer Roman Drama  Fabula
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