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March 25, 2013- Literacy, Literature and Power.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Literacy, Literature and Power  A large part of the population as able to read and write  Defixio (plu. Defixiones) curse tablet  There was great interest in having libraries, and in 39 BCE Asinius Pollio set up the first public library  Pliny the Younger donated a library in Comum  Libraries were frequently located in the baths  Literature and texts circulated through Rome through speaking to an audience (theatre, speeches etc.) o Stage plays at the ludi  C. 200 BCE 11 days a year were dedicated to stage plays  Under Augustus this number was increased to 43 days  The first permanent theatre in Rome was built by Pompey in 55 BCE Theatre of Pompey  The theatre of Marcellus was dedicated in 11 BCE  The curia was the senate-house which was started by Caesar but finished by Augustus  Recitatio (pl. recitations) reading o This is where authors read their new books or their works in progress  Literary dinner o Where poems were recited over the course of dinner  Sheets of papyrus were glued together to form a scroll  The Sosii made copies of books, and were able to earn well from this  A book was quite expensive, but it d
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