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March 28, 2013- Present in Literature.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Present in Literature  Imitatio imitation o Less talents writers imitated the works of authors, and it was a sign of a lazy mentality o However good authors could also be inspired by other works, but they added variation  Uaratio variation  Style o There is a special style for a specific genre  Primary elements o It made it possible to recognize the genre itself  Secondary elements o (Commonplaces, or topoi lit. places)  History has one function and one goal- utility; and this is achieved only by truth nd  Since late 2 century BCE Hellenistic poets were also called also Alexandrians  Doctrina learning  In Rome the interest in this kind of poetry started with Parthenius from Nicaea o Prisoner of war at Rome in 73 BCE o Novi Poetae New Poets o Cicero gave them the name of Neoteroi younger men  Catullus from Verona, Northern Italy o Especially known for his love poems addressed to Lesbia, which was the first e
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