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Classical Studies
CLST 129
Aoife Foley

Archaeology November 14, 2012 Tholos Thombs Early Pottery - Treasury of Atreus - 37 meter passageways - Very very well built - On a grand scale with huge slabs of stone - Doorway is 18 feet tall - Date around 1275-1250 at the end of the bronze age - Lentil block weighs 100 pounds - The whole thing is corbeled and shaved down so it is smooth on the inside - King Agamemnon would probably be buried in one of these tombs - Tomb of Clytemnestra is another similar tomb - Same construction method - Chamber tomb, Dendra - Poor people used these tombs - They dug a hill out of the hillside and dig a passageway out - They use no stones, they just use the dirt - Bronze age ends around 1200-1100 - No more palaces, no more stone architecture, no more writing - Next age is the dark age - Eventually the greeks recover, called the renaissance - It happened when the greeks started trading again - Started building temples - Renaissance is called the geometric 900-700 - The dark age lasted 1100-900 - Bronze age - Submycenaen - Protogeometric - Geometric - Orientalizing - Archaic
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