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CLST 129
Aoife Foley

Archaeology November 16, 2012 Later Pottery - Late geometric - The late pots were a lot lighter then the early pots because they added more decoration - The late pots are like 730-740 - There were many workshops in Athens that developed different pots for different things - Dyplong workshop made grave marker pots - These pots had a hole in the bottom so they could poor things into it and it would go down into the ground to help the ancestors in the afterlife - Prothesis is the lying in state - Ekphora is the funeral progression - Horror Vacui is a fear of empty spaces, every part of the pot is covered - Pedestal kreter - It’s a big mixing bowl - Kraters were used in male burials and amphoras were used in female burials - They uses geometric people - They have the same geometric template for lots of animals - With the geometric art they don’t show details - By the end people tried to get my ambitious with the scenes they portray - Eleusis cup - Looks like a gravy boat - Battle scenes, still geometric - Less filling ornaments - Orientalizing era - Still the time of the Greek renaissance - Getting lots of ideas from their trade partners - 700-600 - See new animals - New technique called black figure - Eleusis amphora, scene of people of the neck, with animals on the neck - Odysseus slaying the Cyclopes - The people look more people like, they are filled out and have faces - Talking about something from Homer!! - Lower on the pot Perseus and the Gorgons (Medusa) - Ram Jug - Upsidedown mushroom - There a ram on it - Next part of Odysseus journe
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