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Queen's University
Classical Studies
CLST 129
Aoife Foley

Archaeology November 5, 2012 Bronze Age Writing - Linear A Linear B and Hieroglyphics - Hieroglyphics is the oldest - Linear B is the youngest - Hieroglyphics and linear A Is Minoan - Linear B is Greek - Linear B is very intense, they count and weigh and describe everything - Linear B has similar symbols as linear A - Lots of different kinds of pot which they write down - Linear B had both symbols and actual letters - Hieroglyphics were used at the same time as linear A, but then they give up on them - Linear A was used after the destruction of Knossos - Appears later then it does on Crete despite it being a main land language - Linear B developed at Knossos by the mainland greeks when they took over - Dude deciphered linear B, died in a car accident - Linear A is still not deciphered - Long time where there was no writing 1450 Thera (Santorini) Pompeii of the Aegean - Destroyed by a volcano - Group of five islands - Always water in the middle of the islands and the volcano forced the islands further apart - Palaia, Nea, Aspronisi Therasia and thera - Another eruption 197 BC which caused Palaia - 1707-1711 eruption caused Nea - 1866 made Thera bigger, same with 1925 - Latest eruption was in 1950 - Go by boat to Santorini - Was inhabited in antiquity - The bronze age eruption was the largest eruption - Compared to the eruption of
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