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Classical Studies
CLST 129
Aoife Foley

Archaeology November 12, 2012 Bronze Age Architecture Tiryns - Larger then Mycenae - 12/15 km away from Mycenae - Very large fortification walls - On a very small hill, but you can still see all around - There are three sections, the palace which was built earlier them Mycenae - Around 1400 BCE - Expanded over 200 years - Also has a staircase leading to a spring - Wooden doors that would have swung out - Fortifications walls within fortification walls - The walls are only about 2 feet high now - Extra wall that was not part of the original megaron - Had a great hearth like Mycenae - Four large corners - Second floor - Most mainland palaces are built the same, Pilos is the same more are less - Pilos has no fortification walls - Most of these palaces start around 1400 and end around 1200 - Knossos is huge compared to the mainland palaces - Does not have fortification walls - Does not have a megaron - Only has a megaron when the mainlanders have taken over - Has a big open courtyard - 2000 BCE - Of Crete they have many more floors, up to five floors - Phaistos, on the other side of the island from Knossos - Located on a hill - Part of the palace fell down the hillside - Looks very much like Knossos - All four palaces on Crete are similar - Knossos is the biggest and earliest palace on Crete - All come to an end around 1450 - They put a roof over the mud brick remains - Used wood frames within the buildings - Pirador patrician in the domestic quarter - Knossos survived until 1480 - No fortifications on Crete, normally on the plains - The heart or the palaces in the central courtyard - Centralized bureaucracy - Spraw
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