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Classical Studies
CLST 129

Week 13 Lec 3 January-13-13 9:57 PM Rome started as a few villages on hills - Spread out - Never backed down from a fight - Italy had been held by other population groups ○ Also Greek colonists down there - Sicily occupied by Carthage and Rome - Greece by now is the west coast of Asia Minor, West coast of Black Sea, southern (boot) of Italy, Sicily, Creet, islands of the Aegean, and others in the Mediterranean - Alexander the great gets as far as India (through Assyria, Persia, into western India - Incorporated Greek culture into the cities he took over - Greek Empire - Several monarchy's in the Western part of the Empire ruled by other people (not as good) - Hellenic = Greek; Hellenistic = Greek-like - Rome takes Everything! - Come into contact with Hellenistic peoples - Spread up to Gaul, Farther Spain, Nearer Spain, down to the northern coast of Africa (west of the nile, east of Mauretania; so basically just a little farther west than Carthage) - By 44BC they had Gaul, and the East Coastal regions of the Mediterranean - Julius Caesar = Gaul - Pompey = Syria, Judaea, Nabataea - Augustus (early 1st Cent. AD) takes almost all of Mediterranean shores up to Gaul (modern day France), down to Carthage, to Egypt, up to Greece and over to Asia Minor - Hadrian(2nd Cent. AD) adds England, further west on africa, east of Egypt, east of Galatia (south eastern shore of Black sea), etc - The Nabataean Kingdom: Parts of Syria, Jordan, Egypt; primarily desert (on edge of fertile land) nomadic. - Betyls (aniconic--show your gods not in a human form; not anthropomorphic) shrines to Nabataean gods - Nabataeans were expe
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