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Classical Studies
CLST 129

Week 14 Lec 1 Jan 14 January-15-13 1:13 PM Chronology  Humayma: Nabatian town  Romans annexed town, built fort big enough for 500 soldiers  After romans 5 byzantine churches  Later a Qaser and Mosque appear, not a big population but lots of visators, route to mecca  Carbonization from fire saved ivory  Abbasid (family) elite, spearhead conspiracy to overthrow the Umayyad Caliphate and the empire for themselves  King Naboidus of Babylon o One of the kings of the Mesopotamian cities o Lived in place where people had lived for hudreads of years before him o Wanted to know more so dug beneath a temple and found script and objects o Put them in a private museum  Helena, Mother of Constantine o Mother is christine o Went to jerusulume to seek ought the cross which jesus was crucified on o Attracted to a barren hill outside city by sweet smelling plant o Has servant dig and finds a cross o Puts cross on display for other pilgrims  People interested in things that connect them to their past  Collection 14 C-19C  Classification late 19C- 1940's  Explanation 1950's- today  Collection phase starts in 14th C with the renicasnse, the rebirth of W.
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