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Classical Studies
CLST 129
Ellen Goldberg

CLST Lecture 1 September 12 2011Archaeology The study of material remains of human culture Search for buried treasureIdea of finding something that no one has seen in a long timeNot visibleTreasure can be defined in different waysMonetary value of what they were finding Many early day archeologists loot sites to make money did not care about the historyOur meaning of treasure has changed and has helped us understand and learn the history of the people and how they livedBe slow find the context creates a clear understanding of culture and provides insight on the type of society history of area excavated What happens when you excavateStudy the remains and artifacts to gain insight and learn from past civilizationsPublish your workThe speed of work has changed over generations more precise carefulCLST Lecture 2September 13 2011Queens wants to excavateDelphi Mont Gleason Turkeyth11 century ADLazareth formed 3 monasteriesUsed evidence from literature to determine location andof monasteriesLiterature based on writings by the disciples of LazarethArea controlled by Austrians Requires a permit and combined effortFocus on Greece GeographyAs an archaeologist you need to know the area you will be working with politics Know the culture and history Mountainous countryseaGreek geoEvery city was its own stateValued independenceWhy do they build monasteries so highCloser to god protection test isolation dont want influences of the general population womenNorthern Greece different then SouthWoodedNo signs guard rails on roads etc Different traditions architectureCLST lecture 3Sept 15 2011Bigos GorgeNorthern GreeceDelphi Sanctuary a place in honor of the gods on top of a mountainAll ancient Greeks went therethExcavated by the French in the 19 centuryHonored gods by putting on playsAthens4 million half the population of Greece Hill tops have chapelsAcropolis Height of a city just a hill Every town has oneParthenonAthens acropolisLimited traffic in order to reduce pollution in Athensundergone renovation process taken apart and rebuiltEaster biggest holiday in Greece146 BCRomans conquered Greece100 years later Greece became a provincepart of the Roman empireRomans gave Athens a special rightCorinthcanal west of AthensMost important city in GreeceLeading city for 100 years146 BC Romans destroyed CorinthCLST Lecture 4Sept 19 2011PompeiiBuried by volcanoOver time forgottenFound in 1700sPeople in the late age only dug for buried treasure to makethey had no will to understand the culture or historic findsstArchaeology 1 started with people just looting with no intent to research the history behind the findsPompeii is said to have been frozen in timeMont VesuviusBay of NaplesGreek Colonization 750 BCE Greeks began having economic and political problemsLand of Greece did not become a good producerLand divided by the amount of sons you have not a lot of land to be shared
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