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Classical Studies
CLST 200

Clst 200 Lecture 1 September 9  Email the right T.A.  What are we doing in this course? o Late Bronze Age (1600 B.C.) to 146 B.C.  146 BC Romans sack Corinth  Technical moment that Roman empire surpassed Greek.  Midterm o Multiple choice and true and false o October 17 -- Thursday class o content of textbook readings and lectures o documents NOT on midterm -- on final  Final: o Section 1:Information from past the midterm o Section 2: Large excerpts/photos of documents. answer questions on them related to what we learned in class.  We will have a lecture on the textbook followed by a document discussion at the next lecture.  We will be looking at Eastern Mediterranean o Know the map and know how to spell  Socrates: Greek settlements like frogs around a pond o Mediterranean sea o Aegean Sea o Ionian Sea o Asia Minor o Hellespont  Channel between Aegean and Black sea  Grain came by Hellespont from the black sea to aid Gree
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