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Lecture 5

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Classical Studies
CLST 200

Clst 200 Lecture 5 Dark Age continued  Nichoria (Peloponnese) o 13 century – abandoned th o 11 century – occupied  Mycenaean building  Interesting building located here o Small rough not so well built (poorer community) o Longhouse w/ oval end o All other houses in the community are rectangular o Entryway room (cloakroom type thing) and then 3 other rooms  Room 1 – very large, stone base, paved circle  Could be meeting place around hearth  Stone base could be pillar  Room 2 – Function unknown  Rooms 3 – storage pits o Could be a community house, central building o Could be a temple  Temple-ish entrance  “Cult” statue of god of the temple o May be related to the leader of the community o An ancestor of what will become Greek temple style o Evidence of burials near Mycenaean sites  Begin to be seen as giants o Cult offerings to Achilles near Mycenaean  Trading Routes o Those close to coast are much more successful o Felistia – mixed people o Starts with Phoenicians in the East  Byblos, Sidon, and Tyre  Neo Hittites, (descendants of Hittites) Phoenicians, Philistines  Phoenicians descendants of Canaanites (natives)
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