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Lecture 8

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Classical Studies
CLST 200

Clst 200 Lecture 8  Tyranny o Pheidon of Argos o Sikyon o Corinth o Samos  Pheidon o In between 750-650 BC o Associated with first use of hoplite phalanx o Tyrant might be misnomer, his behavior is similar though o Into defining / increasing territory of Argos  Defeated Soarta o Makes attempt to control Olympia o We know little of his domestic policy  Sicyon o Orthagoras  Sicyon on south coast of bay of Corinth  Dorian city  He seized power there  Been an army leader and had forces at his command  Appealed to any anti-Dorian settlement in Sicyon to put him in power  They would get better say in power  Had a son named Kleisthenes o Kleisthenes  C.600  Military commander  Olympic athlete and winner  Reorganized tribes at Sicyon  His own tribe he called rulers of the people  Reorganized 3 Dorian tribes – named them after animals  Reorganized cults  Made more accessible to his tribe  Holds competition to find best man to marry his daughter  Winner is Megakles o He is from Alkmeonids tribe  Philaids o Important aristocratic family o Member was leading race until he danced upside down while drunk  Alkmeonids and Philaids have large rivalry in Athens  Agareste – his daughter o Corinth  Under control of one family at the time  Bacchiads th  By 8 century – leading maritime city  Most tyrannies are in coastal cities  Built first trireme  Best pottery  657 – Cypselus  Man in direct line of Bacchiad family o Becomes ruler with Hoplite help  Dedicates a lot at Delphi o Built a treasury  Commissions a canal at the island of Leucas  Aristocratic and wishes for power to be known  Has a son – Periander  Periander  Reigned 627—587  Perhaps best known of all tyrants  Called one of seven wise men of Greece o Often used as arbitrator  Ensure Corinth had fleet of triremes o Trade goes west all t
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