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Lecture 10

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Classical Studies
CLST 200

Clst 200 Lecture 10  Sparta in the Peloponnese th o Sparta leading state in Greece 5 century  In terms of influence and military  May have influenced rivalry with Athens o Messenia  By last half of 7 century, Sparta has control of the west (Messenia)  Half of the Peloponnese o Argos  669 – battle of Hysiai  Sparta loses  By end of century Sparta had taken Cythera from Argos o Cythera sits on traffic route of Peloponnese o Conflict with Persia could have been cause for Spartans to take Cythera  Has strong influence over Olympia o Arcadia  By end of 7 century Sparta is expanding north into Arcadia  Come into contact with Tegea  Said later that Sparta went north carrying chains o Tegea a source of slaves for Spartans  Went to Tegea because of Oracle telling them to recover bones of Orestes o Son of Agamemnon o Trying to locate history in history of mythical age  Greeks called Spartans “new comers”  Tegea became an ally of Sparta o Beginning of Peloponnesian league  Led by Sparta  Allies required to send 2/3 of available horses to Sparta if needed  Meetings called by Sparta  Do what Sparta tells them, followers rather than leaders  Doesn’t happen at first, takes a century or two  Allies form a fence around Sparta  Sparta thinks before they acts o Who would look after helots? o Lydia – kingdom that arose after Assyrian period  Spartans abroad o Stories told by Heroditus o Persians threatened to take Lydia (c.545)  King Croesus  Looks west to Sparta for help  Lydia very wealthy – supposed to have invented coinage  Spartans decide to help o Send one ship of 50 spartan representatives  Told Persia not to invade  Persian king: Who are the Spartans? o Takes over Lydia o 525 – Samos  Joint invasion of Samos with Corinth  Sparta often aids states in ridding themselves of tyrants  Samos also took a Corinthian ship, could have caused attack  Sparta has international presence o C. 520-491 – reign of Kleomenes  Encouraged half brother, Dorieus, to found a colony  Sparta rarely founds colonies  Unsure whether this represents interest in colonization o Could have wanted to get rid of competition  Can not find new colony in Sicily or Italy and is unsuccessful  Sparta assists Athens in getting rid of Hippias, their tyrant  Sparta later supports Isagoras, another Athenian tyrant o Sends military force to Athens  Athens drives them out  A great moment for Athens o Sparta becomes pro-tyrant later o 499 – Ionian revolt against Persia  Ionian cities go to Sparta for help  Present Kleomenes a map o Persian empire o First map? o Kleomenes enthusiastic until his daughter tells him not to go  Gorgo – Spartans do not go three months out of sight of the sea.  Limit to how far Sparta will go o Another attempt against Argos  Unsuccessful again o Attempt to take Aegina  Wealthy little island  Desired to bring it into Spartan system
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