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CLST 200 #5

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Queen's University
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CLST 200
Caroline L Falkner

Sept 23, 2013 CLST 200 – Class #5 Nichoria (Peloponnesian) - Original Mycenaean site - In the 11 century people started living there again - Much poorer community but uses the typical shape of an oval house o The rest of the house are rectangular  Why?  Clearly special in some way - Some kind of community house or chief house? - The paved circle looks like a central half of a megaron o Maybe its an echo of the Mycenaean past or a meeting place o Possibly an ancestor of the Greek temple style  It’s made of wood and it’s kind of a temple and the entrance of the rectangle - Those that are close to the coast and the trading community takes off more quickly economically when trade starts to pick up - Evidence of burials around the old Mycenaean site - Cults to Achilles start to appear around Mycenaean sites o Achilles was being seen as a demi-god - People of the dark age followed those tombs o They regard them as part of their own history The trading world o The 10 century it starts to pick up  Starts with the Phoenicians o Settles in 3 areas  Neo hittites in the North  Phoencia, south of the Neo Hittites  Phillistia, south of Phoeencia o The Phoenicians were the most active  They st
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