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Classical Studies
CLST 201

Week 6 Sullas reforms aimed to transfer power back to the senate restoring its status to what it was before 133BC 1 Political Reforms Tribunes powers curbed lost right to initiate legislation in tribal assembly Centuriate assembly became the principal legislative assembly restrictions on tribunician power of veto no higher office permitted tribune position became unappealing to the very motivated men became a deadend job2 Judicial senatorial juries equestrians disqualified 7 jury courts quaestiones before there was one just the extortion one 1 Extortionquaestio de rebus repetundis 2 Treasonquaestio de maiestate 3 Electoral Briberyquaestio de ambitu 4 Fraudquaestio de falsis 5 Embezzlementquaestio de peculatu 6 Murderquaestio de sicariis et veneficis 7 Violent Assaultquaestio de vi publica preators increased from 6 to 8 This is to furnish sufficient judges for the courts senate doubled in size from 300 to 600 300 equestrians enrolled in the senate as per Livius Drusus proposal in 91 BC quaestors increased from 10 to 20 to bring up number of senators by enlarging the senate Sulla also refurbished his power3 Magistarial regulated the Cursus Honurum by reenacting the Lex Villia Annalis 180BC quaestor age 30praetor age 39consul age 42 Sulla really liked the strict progression through the Cursus Once killed a past military junior Lucretius Ofella in the forum because he tried to go for consul despite never being a quaestor 10 yr interval between repeat of same magistracyno consecutive consulships allowedHe also brought in some bonus reforms th10 province created the Cisalpine Gaul Gaul on this side of the Alps Detached it from peninsular Italyth9 was Cilicia in Asia Minor annexed in 102 by Marcus Antonius grandfather of famous Mark Anthony from Cilician pirates
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