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CLST201 Wk12L02 Sorry this is late guys Im a procrastinator I was waiting for the sheet to come out so I could check my name spelling Man my housemate said she knew a girl who was stressed about this final and I told to pass on that my notes were online Apparently this girl knew and thought I was helpful And funny Fuck yes Validation Now onto your notes you procrastinators you 37Nero born Agrapinna schemed to get her son on the throne mainly through 5 actions 1 Got Lucius Anius SENECA one of Romes greatest literary genius to be his tutor 2 In 50 got Claudius to adopt him 3 Grant of proconsular imperium outside Rome 51 4 Agrapinnas friend Borrus appointed as praetorian praefect in 51 to ensure loyalty of praetorian guard 5 Marriage to Claudius daughter Octavia Superceded younger BritanicusAgrapinna had earlier drove Octavias exfiance Lucius Julius Silanus to commit suicide this freed Octavia to eventually marry Nero 54death of Claudius believed to be done with poison mushrooms by LOCUSTA the resident court assassin apparently as ordered by Agrapinna Very smooth transition of power Nero was presented by Borrus Praetorian prefect to the praetorian guard who accepted him as their emperor They were bribed by Agripinna with 15000 sesterces each Senate accepted the choice of the praetorians Nero was 16 Claudius was deified At his funeral Nero delivered the eulogy his speech was composed by Seneca Nero was the first ruler to need borrowed eloquence BURN 37Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus AKA NERO was born to younger Agrippina and Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus consul of 32 He was Octavias greatgrandson Caesars great grandnephew through his father Augustus greatgreatgrandson through his mother Very Julian Neros father died when he was 3 when his mother was banished he was left with Domitia Lepida his aunt When Claudius became empower in 41 Agrippina was recalled she schemed to remove Neros influencers including his aunt Lepida imperial freedman Colistus after Claudius death freedman Narcissus forced to commit suicide
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