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Classical Studies
CLST 201
Margaret Erskine

Apr3_CLST201 Roman History NERO AD 54-68 50 – Claudius -- adoption of Nero as son 51 -grant of proconsular imperium outside Rome 54 - 16-year-old Nero b/c emperor Dec 15, 37 NERO -born LUCIUS DOMITIUS AHENOBARBUS -elder Agrippina – grandmother -lost father at age of 3 -entrusted to aunt (mother was exiled?) Nero’s mom – Agrippina – schemed to get rid of rivals to emperor’s position Juni Silani – dangerous dynastic rivals st 1 5 years of reign 54-49 – guided by wise mentors -philosopher: SENECA (tutor since 49 -praetorian prefect BURRUS -mother AGRIPPINA – gave him gift of empire - mother desired to act as regent for son; full participation in daily governing of empire (same as when she married Claudius) - allowed her at first - password to guard: “the Best of Mothers” First 5 years: 5 YEAR PERIOD OF PRINCIPIT QUINQUENNIUM NERONIS (grouped together before descent into tyranny) - not reality that 5 years was devoid of any wickedness (dundundun) - in 45, had adopted bro (britannicus) poisioned (smart way –theory: hot tea was tested and refused, then cold water w/ poison brought) 55: fell in love with freed woman: ACTE (former slave ooh) - ignored virtuous aristocratic wife - affair strained relations w/ mother as well - Agrippina began losing control – despite positive influence of mentors in early years - Proved he was ill-suited to maintain large empire (ex. Caligula) - Instead of art of politics, he loved the ARTS (wahoo) - Liked to do chariot racing (beneath dignity of Roman aristocrat) 58: love w/ POPPAEA SABINA (wife of OTHO) – replaced Acte as mistress - Otho sent out as gov’nr of Lusitania - resolved to free self from maternal control - idea: using collapsible boat (LOLfail) - dudes tried to capsize boat – FAILED execution of plan - Acerronia starts calling out “I’m Agrippina! Help!” – she gets struck dead - Agrippina kept low profile (swam until sailing boats – brought to lake – then home) - Seneca asks Burrus if they should send soldiers to kill her, Burrus says they serve ENTIRE imperial family - Anicetus has to do away with Agrippina (with false accusations?) AGERINUS (Agrippina’s servant) comes to tell Nero – good news – she has survived - Anicetus surrounded house – arrested all slaves – other servants frightened away – single maid waited w/ Agrippina – alarm increased – maid vanished - “Are you leaving me too?” - believes in son till death  - points to womb – “strike here!” :P (womb that bore Nero) 56 – Tacitus recalls young princeps roamed streets w/ peeps – beating people up - nocturnal escapades! Julius Montanus – driven to commit suicide when he was accused of hurting him in self-defense (what?!?) st 59 JUVENALIA – celebrate 1 shaving of beard est. new festival - chariot races held - gladiator shows and acting shows - climax was emperor’s debut – playing lyre on stage – with hired clappers - Rome: stigma to theatrical art – no one in respectable rank (upper class) demeaned self by becoming professional actor (not cool) - Lower displays – induced nobles and knights to also share SHAME OF INFAMY (forced shame lol) Recruited nobly born high ranking senators and knights – forced them to fight in arena against wild beasts 60 NERONIA festival quinquennial competition in style of Greek games vainly named after self --also rigged to always be unanimous emperor - out of emperors: greatest admirer of greek customs
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