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CLST 201
Richard Greenfield

Jan10 January-10-14 2:32 PM • From the beginning o Etruscans o Rome development o How did it go from Village to Empire?! • How do we know about Roman History? o Archaeology o Written sources o Livy: 1st cent BC-1st AD • Things he wrote about happened far before his time o Dionysius -c30BC: Roman Antiquities (wrote in Greek) o Strabo: 64/3BC-21AD: Geography; also Greek. • Rome's location o Almost right in the middle (length-wise) of the Peninsula • Etruscans (Northern section of Italy) o Pre-Rome: • Terramara • Apennine • Urnfield o By 1000BC, Villanovan culture o By c700BC, Etruscans appear: very mysterious • We don't understand who they are • Origins: Asia Minor? Warrior bands from East married Villanovans? • Common conception is warriors • Culture combines eastern and native Italian cultures o How do we know about them? • Greek sources (Herodotus, Thucydides) Roman sources as well • Biased against the Etruscans o Metal resources made them rich • Traded with Greeks o First builders of cities in central Italy on hilltops, fortified • Used grid patters • By 6th cent: temples being built o Went to Bay of Naples o Greeks came in to southern part of Italy • Etruscan Tombs: o Built to last (unlike homes) o Tombs were meant to last because you'll be dead forever; houses need last only about 50 years o Below ground; o Very elaborate! o Would use cremation burial, so they wouldn't need a big space, but they would have a big area anyways o Put things in the tomb for the person to use in afterlife 273 × 396 - Pasted from • Etruscan Cities: Veii, Caere, Tarquinii, Vulci (all in South); Chiusi in North • Never united, just remained individual cities; o Made it easy for Rome to conquer them city by city • At first had Kings, but then aristocrats in late 6th Cent o Not surprising; common • United in religion • Priests very important; probably most important in entire state o Knew what gods wanted: through signs • The priests controlled everything! The king would consult the priests before doing ANYTHING • Etruscans ada
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