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CLST 201

Roman History – week 12 lecture 2 Armenia as buffer state Rome vs. Parthia for a while… Aug want diplomatic settlement w. Parthia Parthian king – Phraates – his son was kidnapped and given to Aug By diplomatic bargonning, return roman legionary standards & release prisoners in eschange for his son But 3 yrs later, he hadn’t honerd his end Roman force tiberius make Phraates fret possible roman fight So he quickly hand over Aug diplomatic success All standards lost are returned to Rome Aug’s victory restore roman prestige Standards regained “signis receptis” Citizens and military standards recovered “civibus & signis …” Armenia recaptured “Armenia….” Know who’s who for final … whos wife of etc. * important ones pg 185 fam tree – familiar w. this * Aug dies in AD14 after 41 yrs reign 27-ad14 Firmly establish principut Conservative in views-traditional values & morals Marriage, family 1 princaps Few if any could match his example Only major proplem was succession “succession problem” Aug had been adopted by Cea which had marked him out as air to rule roman world Give Aug priveldge of being “son of a god” Aug no son of own, wanna likewise designate successor New princeps Prevent civil war Nephew – Marcellus becomes son in law – his choice but he died in 23BC Julia’s second hubby Agrippa – (son in law) second option – but die 12BC Gaius & Lucius Ceasar – Agrippa’s kids w. Julia – so Aug’s grandsons – adopted by Aug – both die G-AD4 L-AD2 In end Aug need to adopt Tiberius (step son) all others dead Adopts grandson Agrippa Postumus too “air and spare” Has to go outside bloodline Cement this choice – Tib had to divorce his wife & marry Julia (daughter of Aug) “dynastic marriage” Julia scandalous and banished to Pandateris 10 year grand of tribune power Proconsul imperium – imperium proconsulare Aug required Tib Tiberius required to adopt Germanicus - His brothers son (tib’s nephew) - Ger. Popular Adopt & association in political powers Smooth transition after Aug’s death Tiberius - @55 was successor in AD14 - Preator in 17 - Consul in 13 @ age 29 - As advance through offices – sent to east to replace king - Honor when return of bringing back legionary standards lost by crassus - 17-14 : him and drussus fight alpine region – took agrippa’s daughter as wife - Death of Agrippa in 12bc had bad reprocussions for tib – compelled by aug to divorce his wife who he loved very much - Julia detested him – scandalous beh. - Tib occupied 12-9bc cuz fighting elsewhere - Then he’s embarrassed by Julia – so retire at Rhodes for 7 yrs - Astrology - Julia banished but tib didn’t need to go back to rom etill Lucius ceasar dies ad2 - @46 adopted by Aug as designated successor - 10 year grant of consul power - Paraded b4 roman armies as new ruler - Aug’s understudy while groomed for princeps Verre’s defeat - Tib campaign in Germany to restore order & secure frontier - Ad12 triumph - Ad13 – renew power Tiberius - Go back to Italy - Second of Julian claudian emperors - His ancestry was purly claudian – member of claudian gains by birth - Member of Julian only by adoption - Only one of 4 julio Claudio emperors to lack julain blood
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