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Classical Studies
CLST 201

Week 13 – lecture 1 Maiestas (treason) trials - Perdellio (high treason) – conspiracy against emperors life - Libel/slander – against emperor - Adultery – w. royal fam - Black mark on tiberius’ prinicput ? - Treason could be made on grounds of conspiracy against emperors life (high treason) but also libel, slander against him or adultery w. royal fam Astrologer Thrasyllus - Brought back to rome w. Tiberius - Influencial advisor 16 Libo Drusus – conspiracy - Against emperor based on astrologer Men encouraged to becoming private informers Take advantage of tib’s suspiciousness against ppl *Delatores – informers - Get one quarter of condemned man’s estate - Accused person opportunity of speaking in their defense - Treason could encompass many grounds now Senators live in terror in later part of tib’s reign In anxiety – only too ready to condemn own colleagues to stall themselves being accused *Libertas Senatus - Freedom of senate’s speech - Very troubling for tasidus - He’d like senators to think what they want and to say what they feel Small minority took opposite course of action – become extreme radical opponents to prinicput and emperor 8Stoic Opposition - When persecuted for political views - often follow cato and commit suicide - Eg. Cremutius Cordus (historian) - Wrote history of rome – praise brutus and cassius - Accused of treason in 25 Tacfarinas – N. African rebel - Rebel in 17 &22 - Also in gual in 21 - Trace early 20s Tib cautious admin of empire Unpopular w. plebs in rome Tib apathetic about providing rome w. temples, baths, etc. Responsible for construction of pritorian barrecks, temple of agustus, new stage for theatre of pompey Need financial restraint After his retirement in 26 – never return to rome , not even for his moms funeral – no direct contact w. anyone in city Relation w. nobility (senators) and mob (er day ppl) remained low key till his death 37 – Tib sense time limited start from capri to rome - Get sick and die on march 16 33 - Report of his death exaggerated , “macro had suffocated him” - Don’t give him honour of deification Succession? - Problem for tib as it was for augustus - Tib’s son dead - Ad 35 - gauis Caligula - Caligula ger’s son - Tib’s grandson gamelus ? other option Calig more popular - Direct decent from both rents - Gam could only on moms side - Calig had married julia to semente Julian connection - Her mom was a granddaughter of octavia Calig take precedence over gam Calig nominated as tib’s successor – next emperor - Over look gam - Power only to calig – neglect tib’s instructions that gem is = coair w. calig Calig temp adopt gem as son only to order him executed next year Calig born aug 31 ad 12 - As child he & 5 sibs accompanied rents to Germany while ger wage wars - Calig mean little boot – childhood nickname – reared among roman troops – decked out in military dress - Lost dad ger in 19 when only 7 years old - Go to live w. livia (great grandma) - Then paternal grandma (antonia) - Then he live w. great uncle tiberious - When tib die – new era – calig rule Welcome change from suspicious tib Early months great popularity - Pardoners political offenders - -recalled exiled - Suspend treason trials - Adopt cousin gemellus - Reduce taxes - Spend money on entertainment – gladitory, chariate races, hunting - Popular w. mob, army & senate - Weak in body & mind - Illness in 37 due to his excesses – mentally deranged - More autocratic - Illness – temptations of power - Princeps at 25 (younger then tib) calig lack experience in admin, spend too much $ Calig believe already a god while alive - Attempt to have self called “Dominus” (lord) - Ordered sacrifices be offered to him - Worshiped - Want image in temple of jerusilum - Incest w. 3 sisters No way to remove him from power - Conspiracy in 39 had failed
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