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CLST 205 Lect 1

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Classical Studies
CLST 205
Shirley Griffith

40 qs per test  Classics is the study of the works of and surrounding countries o From 1200 BC-apx 400 AD Meaning of the world Humour  Phylogists- lover of words- believe the words..have explanatory power  Heideur- “speech speaks” we don’t speak English, English speaks us. We can only say the things we know how to express. If words don’t exist we can speak of it  Nietzsche- role= birth of tragedy o We are prisoners- prison house of language o Words form and control our thoughts Humour  Originally a medical term coming from the Greeks  Green medicine usually painful  Greeks never did autopsies  Herophalus- in Alexandria in 300 bc actually dissected a cadaver in front of med students. Everyone thought it was horrible. o In Greco-Roman ideology there is the idea that any wound prior to burial would carry over in spirit  God to the cross= greek diss, the worst curse of all. Desecration of the body=horrible  Rome equivalent is go to the crux o Normally crucified bodies lft up as a warning  Greeks and romans had no problem cutting up animals, didn’
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