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Lecture 14

CLST 304 Lecture 14: CLST304Wk7Lec2

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Classical Studies
CLST 304

CLST 304 Feb. 26 , 2015 Wk. 7 Lec. 2 The Agora, Eleusia, etc. From Bassai frieze to one particular sculpture: th Now in late 5 c. see a revival of the school of movement in sculptures (Remember Myron lifelike sculptures, the cows that people thought were real) Sculptors are going back to Myron Best example is the Nike of Paionios (Pic not totally complete) From the temple of Zeus at Olympia from inscription: dedicated by Messenians after victory in 425 in Peloponnesian War Scupltor is Paionios (signed it), came from north of Greece It is a big, 2m tall statue, put on 10 m pedestal Nike flying through the air, thats what it looks like (clothes moving as if in breeze) dated c. 420410 wet drapery look (clothes stuck to her body ,thin material, we can see through) popular look. Trend is called florid or elegant billowy drapery is common, new style Agora is important as it shows different kinds of buildings Greeks didnt just have religious buildings! Agora is good place to look at this Agora is done by Acropolis useful for both religious and secular buildings how does the architecture compare? Athens now a democracy, so ideas for buildings are changing, different needs Every town had an Agora (starting in ~8 c. when there was city states) need open space for it! Not much open space in Athens aerial photos and plan of it some religious buildings, a lot of different types of stoas, buildings for democracy, court house 508 BC democracy formed!! in 500 BC, open space, but buildings being built around perimeter at end of 5 c., more buildings around perimeter, still keeping open inner space clearer Agora excavations: still ongoing almost square building build on perimeter: not templelike. There is seeding (around three sides), columns, vestibule, then more columns, then main part of building. This building is the Bouleuterion! Hall type building (council of 500), almost like a theater Greeks had the problem of interior space columns in the middle where they are not needed. Didnt have the technology to span big buildings
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