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Clst 340 Lecture 5

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Classical Studies
CLST 340

Clst 340 Lecture 5  To sit in the Curule Chair you needed Imperium  366 o First year Pleb elected consul o First year Praetor and Curule aedile positions were in effect  Only patricians for around 20 years  Concilium Plebis Tributum o Council of the plebs divided by tribes o Avoided word Comitia initially o Concilium plebis plus Patricians were the Comitia Tributa  Comitia Centuriata o Voted for consuls and praetors o Can be called together by consuls  Consuls can also call the Senate together o Also voted for censors since 444  After law that let intermarriage happen o Passed laws o Appeal court  Censors o In charge of contracts for public works o Eventual pinnacle of political career o Conducted the census  Lex o Law o Lex Valeria  509 – right of appeal o Lex Canuleia  Intermarriage law  Concilium Plebis o 10 tribunes every year o Vote for tribunes o Vote for pleb Aediles  2 of them o Could pass laws  Law passed in concilium then goes to ratification at comitia centuriata  Pecunia – money  Comitia Tributa o Curule aediles and quaestors elected o Court of appeal for less important cases  287 o Law passed recognizing that concilium plebis tributum is law making body of the Roman people o Took 200 years to solve due to constant state of war  Revolutionary war o Expulsion of the Tarquins  Tarquin himself died in exile at Cumae  Called on a neighbor, king of Clusing, Lars Porsena  Bought to reinstall Tarquin as king  Besieged Rome, some say he took it  Hero named Quintus Mucius  Ordinary soldier  Plutarch`s life of Poplicola  Dressed and spoke like Etruscan  Made it to Lars` tent before being caught o Lars brings in Brazier  Mucius burns his own hand off  Now called Quintus Mucius Scaevola o Scaevola – left handed  P. Horatius Cocles  Cocles – Cyclops, he had one eye  Held bridge against army until bridge collapsed  Lars goes back to Clusium o Octavius Mamilius, leader of Tusculum  Son-in-law of Tarquin the proud  Gathers latins against Rome  Forms Foedus Latinum  Latin League o 493  Treaty of alliance between Latin League and Rome  Suggests Rome wasn`t completely victorious  Became allies  Treaty put forward by Spurius Cassius o Treaty called Foedus Cassianum  They become “equal” allies o Will aid each other in war o Conquered towns will be split half and half o Because of many groups in Latin alliance Rome got much greater share  Romans can now migrate to Latin cities o Right of Migratio o Other rights given  Conubium – right to marry  Commercium – right to do business without registering  Civitas – citizenship  Three above called partial citizen rights o Called Ius Latii  Romans could get full citizenship by renouncing Rome and moving to a
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