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Lecture 6

Clst 340 lecture 6

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CLST 340

Clst 340 Lecture 6  Voting was democratic o Ballots thrown in urns later  Consuls called monarchic o Had powers of king  Society was oligarchic o Ruling class –patricians  Chinsi, later Clusium o Home of Lars Porsena  Most famous person to ever come from the city  Quinctius Cincinatus o Farmer chosen as dictator  Accompishes task in no time  Gives up dictatorship o Returns to being farmer  Circus Maximus o Sat 200 thousand  Temple of Vesta o Circular style of temple o Here where the vestal virgins tended to the father o One senior vestal virgin  Temple of Capitoline Jupiter o Construction began under Tarquinius Priscus o Triad is an Etruscan idea  Temple of Castor and Pollux o Greek gods brought into Roman Pantheon  First to be appropriated along with Apollo and Hercules  Curia o Senate house  Very plain building  Temple of Saturn o Treasury from Juno Moneta eventually transferred there o Saturnos, Roman Kronos  509 o Expulsion of Tarquins o Time of great tumult o Tyrant in Athens o Revolutionary period in Rome  Middle class rises against Oligarchy  Gauls sack Rome o City rebuilt by Camillus o Rome very ramshackled o Built wall  Finished in 370’s  24 feet high and 12 feet wide  Protected city for 800 years  Romans rise again – Constantia  Plutarch o Moral philosopher o Biographies of Greeks and Romans  Greek word for writing on a life  Compared Greeks to Romans  Showed similarities and differences o Coriolanus  Named for capturing Corioli  Volscian town o Also called Aequian  First battle at Lake Regillus (496)  Paired with Athenian Alcibiades  Athenian general active in Peloponesian war o Also a traitor  Both men are traitors  Both men are arrogant aristocrats  Excellent warrior  Full name was Gaius Marcius Coriolanus  Mother’s name is Volumnia  Wife’s name is Vergilia  They try to stop Coriolanus  Livy says names were different  People got names often based on where they are from  Could have actually been a Volscii and made a Roman traitor to vilify him. o Tullus Aufidius  Leader of Volscii  Gets pushed aside for Coriolanus  Gained supporters who tore Coriolanus to pieces o Livy disagrees  Roman Constitution o Cursus Honorum  Track for course of offices  First was generally tribune of the soldiers o Later tribute – ele
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