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Lecture 7

Clst 340 lecture 7

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Classical Studies
CLST 340

Clst 340 Lecture 7  Tibur and Praeneste made Socii o No Latin status  Tivoli Palestrina o Civitas sine Suffragio  Could move and obtain full rights  Latin citizenship without the right to vote  Appian o Wrote “Civil Wars”  338 – end of Latin war  First Samnite war o Arose due to Rome’s alliance with Capua o Samnites  A Mountain people  Capua had little interest in them  Sidicini, a Samnite town who wanted power over Capua o Rome helps Capua  Alliance recognized by Samnites  Second Samnite War (The Great One) o Neapolis  “new city”  Founded by Cumaens  Politics divided between pro-Samnites and Pro-Roman  Pro-Samnites took over and passed anti-Roman laws o Romans come and take Neapolis  Start of War  All of Latium and most of Etruria are Roman by this time  By 321 Roman army of 50,000 assembled  Romans refuse peace treaty o Caudini  Tribe of Samnites  Lure Romans into the Caudine Forks  Samnites appeared and controlled exits  Fought from higher ground o Huge Roman defeat o Pontius – Sabine leader. Asks if they plan on surrendering  Romans forced to walk through arch made of spears  Had to bow to get through  Many Romans did not want to listen to treaty made with Sabines  321-316 – 5 year truce  Hasta – spear at the time  Thrusting spear  Pilum – Samnite spear  Could be thrown  Clipeus – Roman shield  Perfectly round  Small  Scutum – Samnite shield  Oval shaped  Covered more  Wood – weighed less  Phalanx  Roman method of fighting  Moving tank  Only works on flat surfaces o Needed change to fight Samnites o Smaller groups  Fighting continues in 316 o Appis Claudius  Called Rome’s First man  312 – runs for censor as first office  So dominant that other censor resigned  Turn was 18 months  First half of life he is Appius Claudius Censor  Realized they needed quick road south  Builds Via Appia o From Rome to Capua o 4 metres wide  Also built Aqua Appia o First major aquaduct o 12 f
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