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Lecture 8

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Classical Studies
CLST 340

Clst 340 Lecture 8  Last day ended around 270 o Final fall of Tarentum  Fell after Pyrrhus o Roman area is diverse and a hierarchy  Rich romans, plebs, full citizen allies, forced allies, etc o Some forced into slavery at Tarentum  Andromicus – Greek slave  Owner is Lucius Livius  Educated in Greek but fluent in Latin o Translated Odyssey into Latin  Lucius freed him and he became a full citizen o Lucius Andromicus  Brought Greek literature into Latin conscience  270 – Sicily o Dominant forces – Syracuse and Carthage  Syracuse king is Hiero  Chief Greek city at Sicily  At odds with Carthaginians o Carthaginians referred to as punicus (punics)  On other side of Rhegium was Messana o In straits between Sicily were dangerous mythical obstacles  Scylla – rocks / coral reef  Charybdis – whirlpool  Syracuse controls East coast  Carthaginians control Panormus  Both wanted control of the port of Messana o Syracuse hires mercenaries from Campania called Mamertines  Based on Mamers – pronunciation of Mars  Asked Romans and Carthaginians for help taking the port  Romans refused but Carthage accepted o They take port o Roman senate becomes worried and sends forces.  Hiero allies with Carthaginians against Rome  Rome wins and takes Messana  Hiero changes support to Romans  First shot in Punic wars st  1 Punic war o 263 – Rome with Greeks take Agrigentum  Carthage trading posts o Romans have stronger infantry while Carthage has stronger navy  Carthage took over Phoenician trading posts  Used triremes which were fast and 3 oared.  Also used quinqueremes which were tank ships o Secret weapon  Rome had no real navy but had allies who did.  Found a stranded quinquereme and had it examined o Built 100 ships in 60 days  Romans have pretty much infinite resources  Compared to a Hydra  Built a device called a “Corvus” (crow)  An iron pole tied to mast of ship o On top is a hook  Hook maneuvered to fall onto deck of enemy ship, locking it in place.  260 Battle of Mylae : Plebeian commander named C. Duilius  Wins naval victory at Mylae o Lopped parts of ships off  Awarded a triumph and a Columna Rostrata  Column where ships were displayed. o Carthaginians crucified those who failed them  Other consul is Cn Cornelis Scipio – third name Asina – jackass o Locks fleet in harbour  Carthage blocks harbour and surrounds them  Take what they can and ransoms the army o Later wins major victory but does not lose name. o 256 – Pleb M. Atilius Regulus is consul  Prominent pleb family  Ano
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