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Lecture 9

Clst 340 lecture 9

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Classical Studies
CLST 340

Clst 340 Lecture 9 Oct 7  Midterm o For essay portion bringing in Plutarch information will aid you in getting 50/50  238 o Unlawful annexation of Sardinia and Corsica  Increased tension between Carthage and Rome o Hanno  Hanno the Great  Dominated Carthage and recalled Hamilcar outside of Rome  By the time Sardinia and Corsica are annexed Hamilcar is in charge of Carthage.  Spain o Carthage had several posts in Spain o Spain might be Punic word meaning “Land of the Rabbits”  Hamilcar o Knew of posts in Spain and concentrated efforts there.  Forces brought to attention of Massilia, a Greek City.  Had overtaken Carthage in Spain during last punic war.  Bases were in the North o Called Emporias o Told Rome about Carthage in Spain.  Massilia had helped Rome pay ransoms during the Gaul sack of 390  Rome investigates  Meanwhile, Hamilcar is marching North, adding to forces diplomatically and militarily o Had three sons: Hannibal (eldest), Mago, and Hasdrubal o Died in 229  Hasdrubal (different than the one just mentioned) o Hamilcar’s son in law. o Took over in 229. o Continued movements in Spain.  Moved Carthaginian capital in Spain from Gades to Carthago Nova.  Because Spain was so rich, Carthage quickly became very wealthy.  226 – Rome signs treaty with Carthage. o Treaty of the Iberus River (today Ebro River)  Everything in the south and west is Carthaginian  Except previously established Massilian posts and towns in those areas.  Meanwhile in Italy o 287 – Lex Hortensius  Concilium Plebis now primary law makers of Roman people.  Rome still dominated by Patricians  G. Flaminius o Elected tribune in 232  Senones – those who sacked Rome  Settled in Cisalpine Gaul and recently conquered by Rome.  Near Ariminium (Rimini)  Land was supposed to be divided amongst patricians o Vetoed by Flaminius in 232.  Veto was rarely used at this point.  Wanted to divide land among the poor. o Elected censor in 230 o Rome builds a colony at Cisalpine Gaul.  The Insubres, Cenomani, and Boii tribes thought the colony was too close.  Insubres had earlier taken Mediolanum  War begins in 225  M. Claudius Marcellus is consul. o Not part of Patrician Claudius family o Pleb o Took on chieftain of the Gauls (222)  Won and took his armor  Spolia Opima (richest spoils) o Dedicated them to Jupiter Feretrius (Aspect of Jupiter)  By 220 Rome won and annexed Cisalpine Gaul  218 – 2 colonies setup o Placentia o Cremona  Hispania o What Spain was called at the time. o Hasdrubal killed in 221  Hannibal put in charge  Strong relationship with soldiers: slept, ate, worked with them o Hannibal
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