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October 2, 2012- Competitiveness.docx

Classical Studies
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Christina Zaccagnino

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It was important to worship the gods according to habits
The main concern was to not weaken the religion of their fathers and to not
introduce unwanted innovations
Ancient Greek civilization was a very competitive civilization
Agon= competition
Friends vs. enemies
It was decided that no Greek was allowed to have any lavish funerals that
displayed extreme wealth
Honour and Shame
People who were honoured received:
o Material gifts
o Honour or public acclaim
o Reciprocated awards
Because the warriors were very brave they received honour in their cities-
they received the best wine, etc.
Phoinix tried to persuade Akhilleus to return to the combat by telling him
how respected he will be, even if he goes back defeated
Achilles was hit in the foot by an arrow, and because his foot was the only
weak part of his body, he died during the war against the Trojans
Aias (Ajax) brought the corpse of Achilles back to the Greek
There was a ballot for Achilles’ armour, but Aias was very angry when the
armour was awarded to Oedicious, not him
Because he was under Athena’s spell, he went to go kill a flock of sheep,
thinking he was killing the Greeks in revenge
When he realized what he had done he felt tremendous shame, which led him
to commit suicide
Tekmessa covered the corpse of Aias
Athletics were an important part of the education system in Greece due to its
The state became the guardian of orphans
An olive wreath was the reward for the winners of the Olympics
Strigils, which were used to clean the body of dirt and oil, were often made of
bronze or steel
Oil was put on the body to achieve a certain look and was used in wrestling
Athletic competitions
Pan- Hellenic Games the games for all Greeks. They were held at:
o Olympia
o Nemea
o Delphi
o Isthmus at Corinth
Olympic games
Not a city, but a sanctuary
In honour of Zeus
First Olympics in 776 BCE
They occurred every 4 years for 5 days in summer
Olympiad time between the Olympics
The athletes admitted were divided into age-categories
There were no musical contests
The prize for the winners was an olive crown
Only Greeks were allowed to compete; athletes from different city states
It was important that everyone could travel to Olympia safely, so a truce was
proclaimed that lasted throughout the Olympics
During the Olympic games no states were allowed to go to war and no
criminals were allowed to be executed