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CLST 100 Lecture Notes - Epikleros, Pericles

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

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Athens population
Freed slaves
Athenian Citizens’ Obligations
Athenian male citizens between 18 and 39 could expect to serve the army or
the fleet almost every year
o Men spend a lot of time away from Athens, as no matter their jobs
they had to fight. Slaves were excluded from the drafting
Each year 6000 male citizens were drawn to serve as jurors in popular courts
Athenian males participated in the ekklesia (assembly) every 10 days
The richest man in the city would be the captain of a warship and would
provide the necessities for the functioning of the ship
Athenians considered themselves autochthonous
o Descendants of Ion son of Apollo and the Athenian queen Kreousa
Erekhtheus> Earthborn
o Represented as a snake
451 BCE Perikles’ citizenship law: only men who had both parents Athenian
could qualify as citizens
Oikos household
Kurios= male master
Kureia= protection tutelage
o Kinship
o Slaves
Women couldn’t own or inherit any property so the males had to take care of
all the land
If there was no son to inherit the land, the family would adopt a son to make
sure the land would be passed down
Because the mortality rates were high, one family had many children, but this
became a problem if there were too many sons to split the land, or if there
were too many daughters as they required a dowry
Epikleros= heiress
Kleros= property
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