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Week 14 Lec 1 Jan 14
6:08 PM
Social wars, wars fought against allies to get citizenship
Citizens allowed 100 to be official
New men, not from Rome but granted citizen
Lucius Cornilius Sulla
o 1st equestrian monument dedicated to a man alive in Rome
Proclaimed a public enemy of the state
o Because enemy of Rome marched on her
o Later made possible to allotments of land to his veterans
o Was able to be proclaimed a dictator
o Retired and then died after a short time
Pompey joined sulla
o Inspired by alexander the great
o 18/80 BCE victories in N. Africa
o 71 BCE victories in Spain
o 61 BCE victory over pirates in Mediterranean
o 62 BCE defeats Mithradates all triumphs received
The 1st Triumvirate
o Pompey
o Julius Caesar
o Crassus
Crassus, lots of money, lots of political advisories
Pompey and Caesar more ambitious
Pompey granted 5 year power in Spain and the opportunity for sole consul
Caesar asked for both him [Crassus?] and Pompey to give up provinces -no go
Deadline or he would be declared a public enemy
49 BCE Caesar marches on Rome and crosses the river Rubicon, started civil war
Caesar with his army more powerful then Pompey
Pompey fled to Greece and Caesar followed, battle fought in Greece in which Pompey
escaped and fled to Egypt where he was murdered
Kleopatra VII had a son with Caesar, important because he had a childless marriage
o Late Kleopatra had three children with Marc Anthony
Caesar goes back to Rome and in 44 BCE declared himself dictator for life
Assassinated march 15 44 BCE- the ides of marc, killed where the senate met, right beside the
statue of Pompey
Caesar wrote books on the Gallic wars- 3
Adopted son Julius Caesar Octavius defeated fathers memory and fought against conspirators
The second triumvirate:
o Mark Antony
o Aemilius Lepidus
o Octavius
o Had a real legal power
Octavius released docs showing Mark Anthony's link to the E.
o Showing octavius is the one to rule, keeping traditions
Battle between Mark Anthony and Octavius
o Mark Anthony defeated so Kleopatra kills her self
o Egypt as a result becomes a province of Rome with a special status, no senators were
allowed to go to Egypt with out passport and permission
Julius Caesar Octavius (Augustus)
o First roman emperor not seen as a dictator
o Augustus means revered
o Had to choose heir, not the first born son
o Lots of buildings
o Took the title of Caesar which all emperors took had
o Started period of peace
Tiberius 14-37 AD
o Jesus died
o Last choice
Nero 64 AD
o Great fire of Rome
o Build a golden where fire ravaged city
o Crazy
o Committed suicide
Flavian Dynasty
o Public washrooms
o 1st of dynasty
o Started coliseum
o Gave back area of golden house
o Empire biggest
o Roman citizenship granted to all free inhabitants of the empire