Week 15 Lec 2

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Week 15 Lec 2 Jan 22
6:18 PM
o In honour of Flora, goddess of flowers
o April 28- may 8
Stabiae close to pompeii
Aedilis had power to organise money
o Important office because your ability to organize games and give entertainment to the
people of Rome
When caesar was aedile he used office to promote him self
o Hired lots of gladiators for games
o Seen as a private army- concerning
o 1st appointed in 443 BCE, had generally reached consulship already
o Job to register people and property-two of them
o Finished office when job was completed (usually 5 years- lustum)
A spiritual sacrifice done after service
Sacrificed three animals a bull, a sheep and a pig
o At end of the 1 C. office limited to 18 months
o Censors wore toga praetexta
o Sat on sella curullis
o Held auspicia
o Supervised the morals of the community
o Review of the membership of the senate
o Summoned people in campus martius in Rome
o Citizens were registered in tribes and centuriae
o People and their property were listed
Centuriae (groups of 100 men)
Comitia centuriata
o Considered safer to gather people outside the sacred walls of the city
o Citizens registered were organised in tribes
o Centuriae organised based on age and property owned
o Also based on property meant what section in the army you went into
o Review of equites (cavalrymen)
Should own at least 400,000 sesterces
o 204 BCE censorship of Gaius Claudius Nero and Marius and Livius Salinator
o Contracts for:
Public works
Erection and repair of public buildings the money voted to them by the senate
and held by the quaestors
Publicanus (pl. publicani) public contractor
Eligible Magistracy
o Free Roman Citizen
o Reached a specific age
o Served 10 campaigns in the army
o Do not receive regular payment for work done
o Magistrates were not paid
Divisores= distributers
Cliens (pl. clientes) = client
Freemen who entrusted himself to amoture, recived payment in return
Recived daily substances (food and money) and assistance in courts
The proctor was called a praetor