CLST 101 Lecture Notes - Novus Homo, Gaius Marius, Arpino

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Week 15 Lec 3 Jan 25
12:06 PM
Nobilis = noble
Novus homo (pl novi homines) = new man
Cult of the ancestors
2nd and 1st cent. BC magistracies
Cusus honorum = race for honours
After 197 BC consulship after holding praetorship
180BC Lex Villia Annalis two year gap between consulship and praetorship
Sulla's legislation (81-80BC) quaesorship before praetorship
Cato the Elder (Marcus Porcius Cato)
o Consul 195BC
o Censor 184 BC
o Married another important 'noble' woman
Cato the Younger (Marcus Porcius Cato)
o Had important career in politics
o Died young, before consulship
o His son was a consul
Marcus Tullius Cicero from Arpinum Homo novus
o Consul 63BC
o Also a philosopher
Gaius Marius from Arpinum Homo Novus
o Able to have a career through military service
o 7 consulships (107, 104-100, 86 BC)
o Pro-magistrates = in place of magistrate
Quintus Publius Philo
o 326 BC appointed pro consule (in place of consul) in order to allow him to finishe the siege
of Naples
o 197BC 2 new praetorships for spanish provinces
o 53BCThe senate proposed a decree ordering 5 years separation between the holding of a
magistracy and the tenure of a prouincia
o Legati pro-praetore = subordinate officers acting in place of praetors
o Principes =first citizens
o During the war against mark anthony, he held unconstitutional powers (augustus)
o 31-27BC Consul continuously
o 23BC gave up on consulship
Libertas = freedom
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