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Lecture 2

CLST 129 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Byzantium

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLST 129

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Week 20 Lec 3 Fec 27
10:28 AM
How to excavate
Need research proposal
Need primary research
Must do research
o Ancient sources
o Maps
o Teams
conditions determines what will survive
Have to be stratigicc but have to be flexibile
Found byzantine when looking for nabitine town
o May be finding churches because they built on top of town
o Byzantians could of cleared area
o Naiteans may not of used all that much stone
Ways to excavate
o Box trench technique
Military officer
Perfected technique on military priniciples
Very regimented and precise
Each box maintains straitgaphy
Leaves area undestroyed
Have to walk back and forth on balk dangerous
Hard to get big picture
Need more workers solid soil needed
Lots of erosion
o Open area excavation
Round structure
Open up wide area then strategicly place unexcavated areas
Much easier to understand whats going on
Not as much baulks/ less startigrophy
Faster, smaller team
o Randomly placed small squares
Areas labled based onwhat they thought they would find
6 m by 6m squares
o Insula or city block
One unit has multiple buildings inside but share parting walls
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