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Lecture 3

CLST 203 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Dualism, Role Model, Polytheism

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLST 203
Graeme Ward

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CLST 203 Week 2 Lecture 1
Creation & the Ages of Human
Where does the World come from?
o Kosmos = universe or order or good order
o Ge comes from create and to come into being
Ge-nesis (Hebrew bible)
o Theos = god
o Different/contradictory versions
Ethical, social religious patterns
First poet to explain systemically the cosmos, gods, and how humans came
into being
Was a real person who lived in a specific time and place
o 700-600s BCE
o Helicon (Boeotia)
o Gods are the forefront of his work, very few humans appear
Basic Elements
o To muses, to Hecate
o Song to a god or goddess
o Generations of gods
o Births, marriages
o Organization/list of things downwards
Dramatic tales
o Cronos defeats Ouranos
o Zeus defeats Cronos
Zeus & the Olympians
o Where do they come from, they are meant to bring cosmos
o They complete the cycle of destruction, and finish it
o Still in charge according to the Greeks
Invocation of the Muses
Let us begin to sing of the Muses of (elicon…
Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne
epic poetry and odes
combine memory with divine inspiration to get poetry
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In the beginning
chaos (nothing, not divine)
o gaia (Ge, earth), tartarus (that which is below the earth), eros (love,
Descendants of Chaos
out of chaos comes Erebus (darkness, night)
o give birth to day and Aether (heavenly fire, material that exists just
beyond the sky)
out of Gaia comes (first female god)
o Ouranos (sky) (first male god)
o Ourea (mountains)
o Pontus (sea)
Children of Gaia and Ouranos
GaiaFirst deity is female
Hieros gamos Ouranos
gamos is union of one
Titans (extremely powerful, monstrous, terrifying and emotion, quick to
Oceanus, Hyperion, Themis, Iapetus, Coeus, Crius, Theia, Tethys, Mnemosyne, Rhea,
and Cronos
Oceanus and Tethys: Oceanids
Hyperion and Theia Selene (moon), Eos (dawn), Helios (sun)
Tend to repear the same characteristics
Monsters (to wonder at)
3 Round-eyes cyclopes)
3 (undred-(anders hekatonchires)
Gaia gave birth to them herself, which can make them strange
(ated by their own father from the first. And he used to hide them all
away… 3
Revolution of Cronos (Saturn)
Wily Cronos, youngest and most terrible of her children, and he hated his
lusty father. 3
First overthrow of previous generation
Associated with the sickle as he castrated his father with it
Son betraying his father
Now that sky has to be pushed from earth, the separation of sky from earth
so new things can emerge
Division of the World
Consequences of Castration
Furies (erinyes)
From the blood of the sky
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