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Queen's University
COMM 103
Gregory Libitz

Nov. 1 2012 Disney purchased Lucas Films ($4b) and remaking Star Wars films. + -brand could become generational and be passed down - -could not be appropriate for age demographic that Disney targets + -proven that they can do well with partnerships and entities that they purchased (MARVEL) + -buying into characters and copyright of all Star Wars merchandising (not only movies but children’s toys, theme parks etc.) -> greater channels of distribution - -diehard fans may see this as a sellout and not the original version of Star Wars Ch. 9 PIMS (Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy): tracking of collecting data of how effectively various marketing strategies have worked -> market-share driven strategy, becoming a cost leader ROS (Return on Sales): Competing on profit margin, and competing less on volume and being a cost leader MEMORIZE OPERATIONS MGMT – VALUE CHAIN -all the primary activities add on to the value of the product, and thus create a greater profit margin for the product -all the support activities do not add on to the value, but ensure that the primary activities are running smoothly Toyota is stellar at operations, GM is stellar in marketing. PESTEL / 5 Forces (External) + VALUE CHAIN (Internal) -> SWOT -> Choice (PIMS or ROS) WALMART – owns its own satellite system, accurate inventory orders and timely stocking for billions of stores -the debate about offshoring and outsourcing certain components (IT department) ->what you win in cost-cutting, you lose in responsiveness and flexibility MEMORIZE STRATEGY AND OPERATIONAL ALIGNMENT CHART use DICE (Define, Identify, Create, Execute) on case assignment #2 Supply Chain Mgmt ======> Customer Relations Mgmt Nov. 8, 2012 Segmentation -> Target Segment Selection -> Positioning -> Product, Price, Place, Promotion House of Brands --------------------------------
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