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Lecture 2

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COMM 103
Gary Bisonnette

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Over-arching issues affecting the market Stock Market Volatility (Creating stormy markets) - Fear of recession (U.S.) o Federal reserve decisions - Euro zone debt crisis - Consumer confidence o Job loss o Asset value o Inflation – people believe it is a short term spike - Financial Crisis of 2008 Solution - Stimulus from government (helped get out of 1 recession, reluctant to increase stimulus) Air Canada – attempted to turn debt into equity: ask creditors by turning debt into shares Countries – write of a portion of debt or a completely Greece’s debt situation: - They can’t make the payment, solution: other countries buy debt, write off a portion, write of completely - Before would try to sell bonds but capital squeeze is coming into effect (India/China refuse to buy anymore bonds; internal spending) Question for Discussion: Identify what you believe are the primary benefits companies can expect as a result of integrating environmental sustainabi
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