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Queen's University
COMM 151
Bill Cooper

March 12 readings Topic: Power and Conflict Max Dyer -Max is a misfit, he keeps to himself. People are worried, there was a shooting at work the other day, will he be a copy cat? -he had very poor interpersonal skills but was a very hard worker. Job had to be rewritten since he was not contributing in meetings, was very awkward. Never socialized with others, showing various signs, paranoid that coworkers are out to get him. -no real “reason” for dismissal, other than he makes people uncomfortable, yet it is a risk they are taking by not doing anything as something tragic could happen Gordon Brasco -Starts working at a new cable company, had had quite a bit of prior experience and noticed the new company did not have formal safety training, which did not affect him due to his other experience, but it was affecting the more inexperienced employees who’s life were sometimes threatened due to lack of knowledge -Gordon asked to become the safety coordinator after the company realized the injuries were costing them lots of money. Gordon made various safety recommendations, received well. Although, the safety initiatives were not always implemented since they took time and money, Gordon felt he was not that respected in his position -Gordon writes a memo, and gets called in to talk about some of his misleading statements -Gil (boss) is extremely angry about the memo, thinks he is being undermined, thinks he is doing everything to prevent injuries and be safe. Says the memo is full of lies and yells at Gordon for 2 hours, without letting him explain. Use Conflicts to Build Relationships -when there are multiple functions, there are multiple thought processes and therefore conflict
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